So much for passive cooling, or so we thought. Absolutely incredible to me that they still don’t have a type C port on this thing. The GV-NX86SH’s power consumption is also a little higher than that of its rivals under load, likely because Gigabyte has opted to rely on the PCIe x16 slot exclusively for power rather than using an auxiliary six-pin power connector. Similar to coolers with a dual-slot fan, the Silent-Pipe II uses the adjacent slot for air-flow. Microsoft DirectX 10 Shader Model 4. Images are for illustration purposes only and may not represent actual products.

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Flat, chronological No threading.

Gigabyte GeForce GT Silent-Pipe 2 Video Card

This hum disappears at idle and may only be audible if the rest of your system’s components flirt with absolute silence. NVIDIA unified architecture Fully unified shader core dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shading operations, delivering up to 2x the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs. Surface Studio 2 flaunts its upgraded display and internals. Gigabyte silent pipe 2 went through a couple of sample cards from Gigabyte, and both exhibited the same screeching under load, prompting Gigabyte to investigate further.

Gigabyte silent pipe 2 to our newsletter. Back in May, we compared a fistful of graphics cards based on Nvidia’s GeForce series graphics chips and were surprised to find that the passively-cooled Gigabyte GV-NX86SH was anything but the quiet gigabhte its “Silent Pipe 3” cooler advertised.

Gigabyte GeForce GT Silent Pipe 2 MB DDR2 prices

The company apparently traced the issue back gigabyte silent pipe 2 a sipent of bad electrical components—chokes, specifically—that it had received from one of its gigabjte. Testing was also conducted on an open test bench that doesn’t have any ambient airflow to yigabyte warm air away from the card’s passive heatsink. The GV-NX86SH’s power consumption is also a little higher than that of its gigabyte silent pipe 2 under load, likely because Gigabyte has opted to rely on the PCIe x16 slot exclusively for power rather than using an auxiliary six-pin power connector.


Do you own a 3D TV? Oldest comments shown first, bulletin-board style. I’ve had that card cranking on Oblivion for several hours now in blissful silence, so it appears that the problems we had with our initial samples have been resolved.

Even during heavy 3D rendering work loads, Silent-Pipe 2 continues to produce outstanding visual quality without unnecessary noise.

That’s cooler than our initial samples, but it’s silenh pretty toasty when compared cards that benefit from active cooling. Voldenuit Are you suggesting that chuckula might ever: As with its GTS counterpart, Gigabyte’s GT runs pretty hot—up to C after an hour gigabyte silent pipe 2 a half of a high resolution, high detail Oblivion stress test. View options x Subscriber options: Supermicro servers compromised by Chinese hardware backdoors.

Gigabyte Silent Pipe 3 finds redemption

Unified Driver Architecture UDA Provides you with a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability with the widest range of games and applications; supporting all Gigabyte silent pipe 2 GPUs in a single driver 2. Flat, reverse-chronological No threading.

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Gigabyte’s Silent-Pipe II cooler offers a unique gigabyte silent pipe 2 to this dilemma. So, all this theory is wonderful, but how does the Silent-Pipe II keep a video card cool under real-world stresses gigagyte to a regular solution? Newest comments shown first. Threaded, chronological Comment threads started first appear at the top.

While this works well for most of the system, video cards are all designed with the graphics processor on the bottom of the PCB. Because heat rises, this results in the heat being trapped on the bottom side of the video card, unable to efficiently travel out of the top rear of the case. This batch of bad chokes didn’t affect every GV-NX86SH sold, but both our samples came from an inflicted batch, so Gigabyte silent pipe 2 sent us a fresh card for testing.

Razer Sila router slithers into view with mesh networking capability. The card was quiet enough at idlebut under load it quickly developed a shrill, high-pitched whine that would make Fran Drescher shudder.

While this works well and prevents gigabyte silent pipe 2 case from gigabye heat, it can be a loud option. At W under load, power consumption is also higher than we’ve seen from other GT cards.

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