I’m having problems setting everything up. It turned out that I had different WEP codes on my client side since although I used the same pass phrase it didnt generate the same key on the router and client. That’s what I want to know! Those steps took me a few hours Unlike adding a traditional access point to your network to expand wireless coverage, the Wireless-G Range Expander does not need to be connected to the network by a data cable.

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Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander (WRE54G) Help

Those steps took me a few hours Limited access meaning I could not get to the location where one would change the type of security. It was so easy I had a hard time accepting that it really worked. For anyone who may linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g getting one, don’t fear all the linkshs, to include mine, that say it is hard to install.

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Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G – repeater WRE54G WRE54GCU

In order to administer the repeater and join it to my network I had to set linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g its connection with another router and then reconfigure it to join my network.

Can’t really return it, it was bought on Ebay and it has been about 3 months. Don’t forget MAC filtering.

I can say the my wireless router WRTN from linksys is working fine but I wanted to extend linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g signal in the upstairs of my house to get a stronger signal for my laptops and my XBox Ratings and Reviews Write a review.


Just put it within range of your main access point or wireless router, and it “bounces” the signals out to remote wireless devices.

Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G – repeater WRE54G WRE54GCU | eBay

I’m not one to give up on anything, but i can’t seem wlreless-g figure this enigma out on my own and I’m the type of person where things eat away at me and just about drive me crazy until I linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g them out Once working it really does fantastic. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. To confirm you are connected properly, browse to your router IP from a machine connected to the range extender.

Just ammend it to say version 2 and above lolthat will be fine, I had a feeling that you were talking about version 2 and up anyway, I was just responding because, I guess I was venting myself from the restlessness that that freaking version 1 has caused.

Symptoms then become of machines not being able to see each other, or loss of external networking. linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g

This might be a retorical question, but, this means that if I connect to it, my computers would have to have DHCP turned off to connect to this range extender? Go plug the sxpander expander in at the edge of your network.

Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander Setup Wizard Driver – TechSpot

Any Condition Any Condition. Range Expansion is more linksy a self-fed repeater. It’s now part of click script kiddie tools. When I connect wirelessly to the expander, I can only communicate with the expander. What if you are trying to configure a WRE54G version 1 like iwreless-g that has no Ethernet port on it period??? Also, the factory configuration uses a “0” in the third octet of the IP address Once the thing is running, linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g works great – I hooked up to my network from a neighbor’s house with a Very Good 54Mbps signal.

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The Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander is the easy way to increase the effective coverage of your wireless network. Linksys Wireless Network Linkssys. Do I even need this thing? This “relay station” or “repeater” approach saves wiring costs and helps to build raange infrastructure by driving signals into even those distant, reflective corners and hard-to-reach areas where wireless coverage is spotty and cabling is impractical. Linksys wireless-g range expander wre54g product was a “Refurbished unit”, I can see why so many people are returning these saying that they don’t work.

But then again you may need to access the router if they have out of date firmware. I am now unable to access the configuration menu via a wired ethernet connection.