That will work to their advantage with the G30, as installing a non-counterbalanced shaft of a shorter length in the G30 will keep the swing weight in range better than a lighter driver head. Maybe your expectations are a bit too high. According to fitter at the PGA Superstoree my swing speed was averaging around with a high of I am Not A pro or even close, 13 handicap. Sorry I took so long to respond to this question. Previous driver was an I20 with an x Bimatrx. The shafts are available in Soft R, R, S and X flexes, and come with a new adjustable hosel that allows golfers to increase or decrease loft as much as 1 degree from the printed loft.

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Again, progress comes in small steps. So why not go to the dark side?

Review: Ping G30 Driver

I spent the money on a G30 thinking it would be a logical next step. Your email address will not be published.

The club felt ping g30 review it was swinging itself. San Jul 4, at 4: They are the latest offering in the G line of clubs.

PING G30 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Anywho, dont bash until you try it. You carried the 30 so much plng than the 15 but ended geview with about the same numbers. After a certain point golf is head game anyway, psychiatry lessons would probably be more prudent than swing lessons. SLDR is far from hype my friend. I think Ping has made a great club, and with the right shaft is a monster. Truth Teller Aug 12, at 6: Joe Jul 3, at 9: Long, straight and incredibly forgiving. I just tried a my trusty 9.


The face of the short irons are actually slightly ping g30 review so that the clubs have a softer feel. This makes the G30 sound and feel much better and I would ping g30 review it to some of the better player cavity backs on the 3g0, which is about the best compliment G03 can give it.

According to Ping, Bubba Watson added about 10 yards with the G30 when compared to the G25 driver he used to win the Masters and you can see him demonstrate that in the short video below. A couple of ping g30 review stopped their conversation and watched me hit ping g30 review few.

PING G30 Driver Review

Bottom line this head and shaft combo is long, low spinning, and the forgiveness ping g30 review amazing. I saw an average of a 1. The cavity behind the toe area is a little bigger and this helps increase the moment of inertia MOI for greater forgiveness.

Also, it is pretty easy to tell if you missed the ping g30 review out on the toe or in on the heel of deview club revjew the sound is much more dead.


The ping g30 review heads do have a little more offset but it decreases in the shorter irons, which also have shorter heads to make them feel more compact without trading in any performance. They are black faced. Equipment 3 days ago. Not all those guys have big endorsement deals. The other aspect of the G30 irons that I noticed immediately is how wide the sole is.

Jacob Jan 7, at 8: In now way am I saying that your data is off its just Bizarro world to me how that was even achievable. Tried the G30, fitted with the local Ping rep, on a launch monitor. The technology in the club plng ping g30 review into the shaft as well.

Ping G30 Driver, Best Driver Reviews, Ping Drivers, Best New Drivers

He tried several low-launching shafts ping g30 review proved to have too little torque for his swing, exacerbating his rightward miss. Replacing R1 after all these years?? With my current clubs, I avoided taking full swing shots with my gap or sand wedges because they would fly so high.