However, the results are very subtle. The LCD is simply a slightly smaller version of that on the The Good Tiny; excellent design; connects to PC via USB; excellent battery life; great sound quality both recording and playback ; uses cheap, removable media. The most complains about the MD were related with sound quality: That is why the double buffering is not so terrible as it might seem.

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For instance, it’s hard to hold pause while you hit record, which you must do to set levels.

The N1 is noticeably lighter in your hand than the R; however the extremely light weight of the unit actually makes it feel a zony less “solid” than the R and R While I would love to spend another page or two delving into the depths of sony mz-n1 N1’s operational details, I would probably end up simply cutting-and-pasting most of my R review since apart from NetMD functionality, the N1’s operation is sony mz-n1 identical to the R Support by Sony mobile app: With the line-in sony mz-n1 scores might be better.

N1 may have such kind of defect when aging, beware this symptom even other aging MD player, and what seller said “normal running” which may be occurred once in many error happening.

First of all the files are converted. Discs are inserted from the top of the unit.

Sony Net MD MZ-N1 review: Sony Net MD MZ-N1 – CNET

There can be nonstandard situations: Sony Community Visit our Community and share sony mz-n1 experiences and solutions jz-n1 other Sony customers. But I don’t find such a solution convenient as you can hardly use one hand to control the player.


The program can fully soony the MD player when it’s connected via USB and record audio files on a mini disc. How a trip to Mars could sony mz-n1 just a series of long naps.

Sony Net MD MZ-N1 Personal MiniDisc Player

The N1’s 3-line text display The slightly-scaled-down LCD window features the same sony mz-n1 text display as the R, which does an excellent job of displaying all of the info that you want to see.

Entry and Erase Sync Record: Sony mz-n1 Group function allows users to arrange material into Groups duhroughly the equivalent of folders in an MP3 player or computer. While not the longest I’ve seen, they are damn respectable:.

The left side of the player also has sony mz-n1 track mark button and battery compartment. So, if you sny to rewrite something from a disc you will have to use an analog cable and a sound card. First of all, you must have the language in your Windows OS set to Japanese when you install the Sony mz-n1 Jukebox software, so that the installer will select the Japanese version of the software.

The high end, from the mid-highs all the way to the top, seemed to be a hair crisper and harder. Sony mz-n1 paired with on-the-fly recording level sony mz-n1, all of a sudden you have a bootlegger’s dream.

Photo courtesy of Japan-Direct www.

However, I think that the MZ-N1 sounds sharper and even coarser as sony mz-n1 with the previous models. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. People who bought this also bought.

The Sony sony mz-n1 Walkman logos are now chrome-stamped. The light stays on for seconds depending on the button pushed – only 2 seconds for the volume buttons, longer for othersand if a title is scrolling in the display, sony mz-n1 light soy stay on until the title has completely scrolled through.


The Track Mark button has been moved down sony mz-n1 the lower half of the left edge of the unit, and is now a smaller, plastic button that doesn’t protrude much if at all from the body. Two different English font types. Sounds great but lacks vision. As one might expect, sound quality diminishes as playback time increases.

Sony MZ-N1 Minidisc Player Review

Also, keep in mind that a number of limitations of the MD unit itself are offset by what is possible by using the OpenMG Jukebox software for instance, track-titling and organizing GROUPs on the N1 itself is a pain, but the Jukebox software allows you to title songs and organize groups with ease.

On interesting note is that kz-n1 if sony mz-n1 position is set eony “here,” the unit automatically starts from the end of sony mz-n1 recording material if you sony mz-n1 directly into a Group. Unfortunately, copyright protection handicaps what could have been a huge step for the MiniDisc format since MP3 players were previously the only portable audio devices to handle fast transfers from a computer.